Married to His Secret Crush Novel 

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Married to His Secret Crush Novel Summary

Enigmatic and wealthy, Jun Zixuan is the epitome of perfection. He has everything and that includes a suicidal and scheming wife whom he hates to the core until one day when she pours a glass of juice on him, her poison-laced words and countless insults following behind. That’s where it starts. He could not take his eyes off her. Was he a masochist? What just happened?!

With beauty, brains, and an endless bank balance, she has been living her best life until she is assassinated on her birthday. Waking up in the body of a scheming and penniless woman was more unacceptable for her and to top it off, she has a husband who happens to be her old friend. Just that, he acts like an entirely different person now.

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She settles on a master plan. Lose weight first, make money, get a divorce, settle the people who killed her, and find a way to go back to her brother.

But wait…why is this cold and unapproachable husband acting like a white lotus? What is she going to do with her plans if this stunning husband refuses to let her go?

Married to his Secret Crush Novel 
Married to his Secret Crush Novel 

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