Marvel: Adventures of Grim Mortimer Novel

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Marvel: Adventures of Grim Mortimer Novel Summary

A kid who had nothing but bad luck all his life and had lost everything dies while protecting a girl named Valerie.

Turns out she was the daughter of the infamous Reed Richards and Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four.

Well, that didn’t really matter as he lay dead while she hugged him and apologized to his corpse, not knowing death was what he wanted all his life…

But unfortunately, this universe wasn’t so normal, as the next year he wakes up only to find himself buried 12 feet under in a coffin.

It took him a whole month before he realized he was alive and that he was now undead.

Cracking his skull open till he bled to death, drowning himself, diving headfirst into a pool of acid, falling from a ten-story building…it didn’t matter what he did he just couldn’t die.

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A pity…

So when he suddenly turned up to the headquarters of the Fantastic Four, they were shocked, especially Johnny who was taking a bath and who had accidentally thought him an enemy and burned him to cinders.

Only for him to re-form a few seconds later and say in a lethargic tone of voice. “Did I catch you at a bad time?”

Not bothered at all that he had just been burned alive…or would it be dead?

Marvel: Adventures of Grim Mortimer Novel

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