Masked Feelings Novel by Lechna Baram

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Masked Feelings Novel Summary.

“Why the mask?” he asked. I kept quiet as he moved his hand to my hair. He untied my hair and let the hair band fall on the ground.

“Why are you touching me? I’m a whore, right?” I asked as I stared at him, right in the eyes. He stared back at me and didn’t answer.

Didn’t he just call me a whore? He buried his face back in my neck and lightly blow on my face. That felt good. Damn good.

When his lips made contact with my skin, i bit my lips to stop a moan. I could feel his hands letting my wrists free.

My hands fell on his shoulders. My eyes were closed as I concentrated on the feelings that I was getting. What the hell was he doing to me? Two persons.

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Two different worlds. Domination or submission? Relationship? What happens when two persons get into a thrilling, confusing and intense relationship? Love or hatred?.

Masked Feelings Novel by Lechna Baram
Masked Feelings Novel by Lechna Baram

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