Mated To The Twin Alphas Novel by Cynthia Chris

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Mated To The Twin Alphas Novel Summary.

Mira as part of the treaty negotiations with the bright moon pack, I have agreed to a marriage alliance.

You, Mira Parker, will marry the Alpha’s first son, Nicholas Den on the next full moon. Mira has been waiting to find her mate for years, she is the daughter of the Alpha of their pack, their pack is the weakest and most vulnerable of the other packs in America.

She is not the only daughter of her parents, she has two elder sisters, but she is the last child of her parents. Mira’s world turned upside down after her 18th birthday when her parents broke the shocking news to her of being arranged to marry the first son of Alpha Den, the Alpha of the strongest pack in America.

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Her pack needed the protection of a stronger and larger pack, so the political alliance will ensure their safety and survival. What could be worse than her being arranged to marry Nicholas Den, the ruthless, cruel, womanizer, and heartless future Alpha of the bright moon pack?

A total stranger that she knew nothing about apart, from what the rumors describe him to be. Will Mira have a happy marriage like other people? or, what if it turns out, that there are a lot of even worse things.

Mated To The Twin Alphas Novel by Cynthia Chris
Mated To The Twin Alphas Novel by Cynthia Chris

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