MHA: Izuku Legacy Novel

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MHA: Izuku Legacy Novel Summary

In a world where hero’s and villains are fantasy, Ryu Kenji fights for survival. Born into the clutches of the Yakuza, he’s spent his life as a pawn in their bloody games. But when a championship fight ends in betrayal and a bullet, Ryu awakens to a new reality – one where the memories of Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless boy with dreams of heroism, intertwine with his own. Now, armed with the knowledge of a world he’s never known and a power he’s yet to understand, Izuku must navigate the challenges of this strange new world, balancing his own weaknesses with the potential for growth and change.

This work is a retelling of the story my friend made MHA: Izuku Reloaded. I am taking over for him because of things going on in his personal life. I hope you enjoy my iteration!

MHA: Izuku Legacy Novel
MHA: Izuku Legacy Novel

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