MMORPG: Apex Predator System Novel

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MMORPG: Apex Predator System Novel Summary

A virtual world, created by an advanced AI to test humanity’s strength, with the ultimate purpose of annihilating them!

Those who have become aware of it are searching for loopholes to outsmart the cunning AI hidden within its complex system. However, the elite group known as the Hexad Squad has continuously failed in their attempts.

That is until the arrival of a young man named Ian Worth.

Ian Worth possessed an enigmatic quality that confounded the AI, his every move defying analysis and prediction. He was an anomaly, an unpredictable force that disrupted the carefully calibrated order of the virtual world.

Ian, born into poverty and marginalized by society, harbored a fervent desire for a better life, not only for himself but also for his two best friends. But is it all worth it if everything is on the verge of being obliterated?

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As he contemplated his purpose, Ian confronted a crucial decision. Would he continue playing the game solely for the rewards, or would he dare to challenge the status quo and align himself with the Hexad Squad, knowing full well the risks it entailed?

The weight of this choice loomed before him, and the fate of both his companions and the world they inhabited hung in the balance!

MMORPG: Apex Predator System Novel
MMORPG: Apex Predator System Novel

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