Mr.CEO’s Beloved Wife Novel by Yan Qi

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Mr.CEO’s Beloved Wife by Yan Qi.

Mr.CEO’s Beloved Wife Novel Summary.

On her wedding day, she was framed for adultery. Her reputation had been completely ruined, and she was kicked out of the house in disgrace. ‚Äč

Four years later, she returned with a smart and lovely son.

That domineering CEO suddenly appeared and wanted to be her child’s father.

“This is my child. Don’t even think about taking him away!” Angrily, she hugged her son and tried to run.

The man blocked her way and smiled evilly, “I won’t take him away. This is your child, but you are mine.”

Mr.CEO's Beloved Wife Novel by Yan Qi
Mr.CEO’s Beloved Wife Novel by Yan Qi

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