My Assassination System Novel

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My Assassination System Novel Summary

Nathan was an orphan. in a world that was filled with magic and beasts, where the strong preyed on the weak, he had no choice but to look for a method that he was going to use to survive.
By chance, he was able to join an assassination organization where he received resources and trained to become a high low-level member of the organization. He always completed the missions that he was given without fail, something that made those in higher positions view him positively.
He was then sent on a mission to kill a certain noble, but it turned out that the information that he had received was false, and the person that he was supposed to kill was even expecting him!
He tried to get away after realizing that this was a plan that was meant to get rid of him, but he never succeeded because it was all well-planned. in the end, he was beaten thoroughly before he was thrown into a river, to die.
But just as he was dying from drowning and the severe loss of blood, something magical happened. A golden light enveloped his body and at the same time, the injuries that he had suffered recovered at an incredible speed. As for the water, it was completely isolated from him.
Just as he was wondering what was going on, a prompt on a golden holographic screen appeared in front of him.
[Congratulations to the host for binding to My Assassination System. With the system, the host will be enabled to be a supreme being that causes terror to everyone’s hearts the moment that they hear your name.]
[Through missions granted by the system, the host should be able to become the most formidable assassin in the world, with an organization that strikes fear in the hearts of every evildoer.]

My Assassination System Novel
My Assassination System Novel

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