My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Novel by Margaret_Sophia

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My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Novel Summary.

Beside her rich, spoiled best friend, Siobhan, Bianca Davis has always come second. She was not as pretty as Siobhan, her parents were not as rich,

she didn’t get the boys…but she was intelligent! That counts! But regardless of their differences both girls were the bestest friends right from childhood.

They shared everything and were like sisters, nothing came in between them. At least nothing did until Andre Rios walked into both their lives.

Bianca hates him, she despises him, he is everything she works against but for her best friend’s sake she will pretend to like him.

Bianca doesn’t know why Siobhan still dates him when he dates half the girls in class. Maybe because he’s hot and incredibly handsome?

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And also mysteriously dangerous? She doesn’t know it but Bianca is about to find herself in a mess when she realizes that she doesn’t just hate Andre,

she wants him to notice her and her actions will unlock a series of events. From the truth about her and Siobhan’s friendship to a ring of gangsters with a link to Andre, to fighting for her and Siobhan’s life, to getting Siobhan to trust her again.

All because she fell in love with her best friend’s boyfriend. A new Edwin and Co. Highschool book!

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Novel by Margaret_Sophia
My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Novel by Margaret_Sophia

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