My Blind Wife Wants Divorce Novel by Majornis Canis

Don’t miss out this amazing novel, My Blind Wife Wants Divorce by Majornis Canis.


My Blind Wife Wants Divorce Novel Summary.

Leonel Grisham, CEO Mountain Ltd, 38th, considers his wife to be merely a status symbol. There is no love between them. It’s cold.

They rarely spend time together. They rarely even show affection to each other, which can be counted on one hand. Throughout their 5-year marriage, nothing was special except that Chloe Delilah is Leonel’s parents’ favorite daughter-in-law.

Leo actually has a girlfriend whom he loves deeply. Unfortunately, Leo’s mother disapproves because his girlfriend, Ester Gabriella, is an ordinary class photo model.

Leo’s world revolves around his work and Ester. Chloe is not a part of his life; she is just a trophy wife. Until the unfortunate incident that took away Chloe’s eyesight. It also shocked Leo when Chloe, after waking up from a coma, requested a divorce.

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Leo cannot accept Chloe’s ridiculous request. But she insists, no matter what happens. This includes demanding all of Leo’s assets and shares as stipulated in their prenuptial agreement.

Leo can’t understand how Chloe could express such a crazy idea. One by one, Leo discovers that Chloe’s accident was staged. Someone orchestrated it all.

Mountain Pte is also in a significant crisis because the mastermind is targeting the destruction of the Group that Leo leads.

Chloe continues to insist until she eventually realizes that her accident was not without reason. Will Chloe maintain her desires or help Leo regain his power in Mountain Ltd?.

My Blind Wife Wants Divorce Novel by Majornis Canis
My Blind Wife Wants Divorce Novel by Majornis Canis

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