My Brother Is My Mate Novel by Elena Titania

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My Brother Is My Mate Novel Summary.

Oceana Daciana, who is promised to the Alpha of her parent’s closest friend’s son through an arranged marriage, realizes her brother is her mate on her eighteenth birthday after eight years of his disappearance without a trace.

She was astounded by this finding, knowing that she had harbored these hot forbidden impulses for her brother since she was a child.

Oceana welcomes her brother, Gerard, home. But he doesn’t want her and pushes her away from him, understanding the risk and implications of taking Oceana as his mate. He has to depart.

He must find someone to take Oceana’s position. It is forbidden and a curse for them to be together, but there is one problem: Oceana is pregnant, and Gerard has left her to suffer the mate bond all by herself.

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My Brother Is My Mate Novel by Elena Titania
My Brother Is My Mate Novel by Elena Titania

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