My CEO Daddy Novel by Morning dew

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My CEO Daddy Novel Summary.

“Even if I want to get laid, I must find a man who likes me.” Maybe it was because of alcohol.

Veronica Parker just walked a few steps, when suddenly, she staggered and bumped into a man’s arms. A slightly cool mint aroma permeated the air.

Looking up in a trance, she looked at the handsome and indifferent face, with rigid lines and sharp indifferent eyes, as if the corners of his lips would never rise into a cold arc.

The corners of his lips bent proudly, and his eyes narrowed into a crescent moon. Veronica Parker grabbed the clothes on his chest, smiled, and said, “How about sleeping with me tonight?”

“Are you sure?” The low and charming voice was particularly beautiful. Veronica Parker tilted her head and said provocatively,

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“Why? Don’t you dare?” She had blurred eyes, a soft voice, an ambiguous tone, and red cheeks. Very attractive. The man smiled and bent over.

Then, Veronica Parker’s feet suddenly rose into the air. Panicked, she let out a short scream. She subconsciously clung to the man’s shirt and him directly.

The hot kiss made the dryness and heat in Veronica Parker’s body surge. It was a little difficult to control as if constantly tearing their own clothes.

In the depths of her body, there was a deep desire, like a black hole. She wanted to be filled with something. “Woman, do you want me to do it here?” The voice of a man was a mess.

My CEO Daddy Novel by Morning dew
My CEO Daddy Novel by Morning dew

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