My Daddy and Uncles Novel by Flying Soul

Make sure you don’t overlook this captivating novel, My Daddy and Uncles by Flying Soul.

My Daddy and Uncles Novel Summary.

“Alina, you will get late for school again” I heard Dad banging on my door. “Last 10 min” I mumble, but my eyes widen. I was with Uncle Harrison.

Did Dad find us? “Alina…” I opened my eyes, I was in my room and Harrison was looking at me with a warm smile wearing his signature suit. “I am taking a bath” I yelled. “Come fast, your breakfast is ready,” Dad said before leaving.

“Good morning” Uncle Harrison came to bed cupping my face he kissed me. “Good morning” I whispered on his lips. “When did you bring me here,” I asked.

“You were sleeping,” He said, scooping me in his arms and entering my bathroom. “This hide and seek is terrible” I sighed. “But it’s fun” He chuckled.

My Daddy and Uncles Novel by Flying Soul
My Daddy and Uncles Novel by Flying Soul

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