My Devil Heart Novel by RedMoon

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My Devil Heart Novel Summary.

Anne had long run away from everything involving her family, for her father’s celebrity agency brought out the sickest side of people.

A phone call brought her back to everything, her father’s death had left her much more than painful memories. Anne was bound by a contract that required her to manage the lives and careers of three of her father’s most famous clients.

KAY, THOMAS and JAKE, three celebrities with distinct personalities, a lot of fame and of course owners of breathtaking beauties, without having much to do, she is forced to enter headlong into their lives,

who soon show that not every celebrity is a monster (although …) and that they can teach her much more than she imagines ;) Those men hide secrets that go far beyond the reality we know The shadows are not only made of darkness,

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there are demons, wolves and many other species that hide for fear of what humanity might do if they discover that there are worlds that coexist without the awareness of each other.

” No matter how much they preach diversity as soon as they see something different from their reflection they tax them as monsters” “Not every angel is good and not every demon is evil,

it is the stories that shape their true face. Got curious/ and embark on this hot romance full of mysteries and a few full moons :)

My Devil Heart Novel by RedMoon
My Devil Heart Novel by RedMoon

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