My Entire Family’s Gone Haywire Novel

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My Entire Family’s Gone Haywire Novel Summary

“After Gu Xin recovered from her illness, she realized that her whole family had changed.

His father who was a gambling addict that once almost sold his wife and daughter, also often picked fights after getting drunk. That same father now said that he would not gamble anymore. He wanted to pick up his textbooks and take part in the imperial examinations to give the three of them a happy life.

Her mother who was not just efficient, but also detailed and thorough in her work, spent her days holed up in the house, not daring to try anything adventurous. She did not even dare to light a fire and was only fierce to her daughter. That same mother was now suddenly carrying a chopper and facing off debt collectors.

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Her embroidery was outstanding and she was cold to others, her sister, who never cooked, no longer held the needles. She smiled more and took over all the work in the kitchen.

Gu Xin felt that she was dreaming. Apart from the changes in her parents and sister, after she saved a fish, those who scolded her would fall and those who had bad intentions toward her would be unlucky. If she wanted to eat something, living things would come to her door and knock their heads against her door. Even if they were not living things, she could still find them by coincidence.

My Entire Family's Gone Haywire Novel
My Entire Family’s Gone Haywire Novel

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