My Legendary General System Novel

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My Legendary General System Novel Summary

What could you achieve if you let your devil loose?

What if you were raised in an environment devoid of morals? What if the killing of the weak and the innocent was drilled into you as a positive thing? What if, regardless of what it took, you were willing to accomplish a single goal? How far could you go before karma came around to bite you?

What happens when life happens to you, and you’re not the man you thought you were? You’re not worse. You’re different. Suddenly, you see people look to you as an example – you, the flawed man that you are. They see you as a leader. Soon they see you as a conqueror. In time, so fabled is your strength, and despite all the cruelty you’ve inflicted, they hold you up as a king. Could you bear the crown, knowing all you’ve done?

They are a savage people of ice and snow. They favor the axe and the shield, and they pillage foreign towns in their long boats. Some, from another world, might label them as Vikings, but they are Yarmdon all the same.
Vol is a giant youth of such people. Born in that savage land of ice and snow, he’s always had strength. As the younger brother of Jok the Dragon, that sort of strength was expected of him. Indeed, when Oliver Patrick came to burn his town, it was only Vol that was able to properly resist. And yet that resistance was not enough. He lost his life and was left for dead. Still, for a youth of fifteen to show such strength, it did not escape the notice of the Gods.
Three days later, Vol awakes. The same man, his wounds healed and his town still burned… yet what is that voice in his head? What is that which proclaims itself a System, that urges him to kill and to steal, and to raise an army to exact vengeance on the man that killed him?

It’s hard to express what to really expect from a book without getting other people’s opinions. For a lack of current reviews, I asked some people that I’ve known for a while to describe the book to me.

“Savage. So freakin’ savage. There’s blood straight out the gate. We get a proper murderer, a killer of innocents, but somehow it’s believable and Vol stays likable.”

“I think you do big battles better than any other author I’ve read…”

“There’s not a boring moment in this. Way more mystery than I’d expected. Got me wondering just what God gave that System…”

My Legendary General System Novel
My Legendary General System Novel

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