My Stone-Hearted Billionaire Husband Novel by Mercy ND

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, My Stone-Hearted Billionaire Husband by Mercy ND.

My Stone-Hearted Billionaire Husband Novel Summary.

“I own you now, so you don’t get to call the shots.” He leaned in closer, his hot breath fanning against her ear. “You’re mine, and you will do as I say, Wifey.”

A few weeks before her wedding, Kourtney Allen’s perfect world comes crashing down when she discovers her fiancé cheating with her biological sister, Kathlyn.

She rushes home to seek support, only to get slapped by her father. She then realized her parents approved of the affair because Kathlyn was their favorite child.

Sebastian, the strikingly handsome city’s most powerful billionaire who suffers from an unusual allergy to females is surprised and intrigued to find he feels no adverse effects with Kourtney.

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He crafts a cunning scheme that ends in a flash marriage. But, how will Kourtney come to terms with being his wife when he was the exact kind of man she despised the most?

An arrogant, domineering, and unfeeling psychopath with an ego the size of Mount Everest! He was dubbed by the media as “The Stone-Hearted CEO” due to his terrible personality.

To HIM, marriage meant control, dominance, and ownership of his possession – HER. Yet, Kourtney swore to break free from his obsessive clutches.

When the secret behind her birth is revealed to the world, and when his first love returns to claim his heart, would he finally let HER go?

My Stone-Hearted Billionaire Husband Novel by Mercy ND
My Stone-Hearted Billionaire Husband Novel by Mercy ND

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