My Student’s Billionaire Father Novel by Jaq Drop

Ensure you don’t overlook this captivating novel titled, My Student’s Billionaire Father by Jaq Drop.

My Student’s Billionaire Father Novel Summary.

This story has steamy scenes that are not suitable for minors.

When Cassie discovered that her boyfriend of six months was cheating on her with a married younger woman, she looked for the cheating woman’s husband and insisted to have sex with him.

However, after the deed, she found out that she got the wrong person and had a tryst with the billionaire Liam Chapman instead. Soon, her life spirals out of control—Liam’s expelled son enrolls in her school.

Her ex-boyfriend’s cheating goes out. Students complain about her teaching methods. And her co-teachers think that she is having an affair with the education minister because of the speed of her promotion and the number of her awards.

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Wanting to escape the drama, she resigns and goes to another city, only to meet Liam Chapman again. This time, he has an offer she can’t reject. A contract marriage of three years.

He will provide all her needs, but in return, she will provide his, and that includes focusing on his little monster of a son who hates studying because he thinks it’s very uncool.

However, as she stays with husband and son, she falls more and more for Liam and loves his kid as if he is her own.

But, time is running out. Soon the contract will end, and she will need to leave the life she learned to love. Hh.

My Student's Billionaire Father Novel by Jaq Drop
My Student’s Billionaire Father Novel by Jaq Drop

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