My Thirty Day Quarantine Novel by Sarwah Creed

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My Thirty Day Quarantine Novel Summary.

Scarlett I didn’t want to be quarantined with my bosses. Well, not all three of them. They were the modern-day version of Scrooge; they were billionaires, but they only had one secretary, me.

They asked me to be their submissive for thirty days, and they put it in a contract. I told them, no thanks. The eldest of the three, Luke, bared my bottom and gave me a good spanking.

I should have run away. Instead, I ended up signing the contract and calling them “Sir.” Luke Our secretary needs to be taught a lesson—not just by me, but my brothers too. She thought that our offer was some kind of joke.

I punished her for it, leaving her soaking wet and begging for more. I gave her a taste of what it’s like to be submissive, and if she’s a good little girl,

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I’ll show her all the disgraceful things we intend to do her in the next thirty days. It’ll be a Christmas that she’ll never forget.

My Thirty Day Quarantine Novel by Sarwah Creed
My Thirty Day Quarantine Novel by Sarwah Creed

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