Naked Vampire Novel by Jr

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Naked Vampire Novel Summary.

WARNING: This book contains sexual Content! I opened the coffin and peeked into it. There was a woman laying inside of it. Her eyes were closed and she was completely naked.

Her appearance sent chills down my spine. Was she dead? My eyes trailed down her body; her breasts were full and her privates were neatly trimmed and it looked so sexy that I could help but stare. But suddenly, her eyes opened.

I screamed loudly and jolted backwards in fear. I looked up only to see her standing right over me, still bare-butt naked. “Don’t kill me!” I yelled in fear. “I do not want to kill you, human,” she replied.

“Ok, then stay away from me. You are naked!” I yelled. She bent her neck sideways and looked at me with these curious and demanding eyes.

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“You are a man, aren’t you? Don’t you find me attractive?” she asked. “I, I-” “You want to sleep with me, don’t you, human?” she asked.

Naked Vampire Novel by Jr
Naked Vampire Novel by Jr

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