Nanny For His Kids Novel by Faith Okache

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Nanny For His Kids Novel Summary.

Damien Kings, a twenty seven year old Billionaire in Florida USA, who is a single father of three kids: Kathy Kings: The first child, seven years of age,

rude to ladies most especially those who get close to her dad. Freddie Kings: The second child, five years of age, handsome just like his dad and also a foodie. Flora Kings:

The last child, three years of age, pretty and her mother died immediately after giving birth to her. The trio does not want to see a lady with their dad,

every nanny that comes to take care of them either gets fired or resigns by themselves due to their mischievous act. But accidentally Damien meets with a lady and the lady eventually becomes their nanny. Who is she?

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Sylvia Blanco, nice, gorgeous, a true definition of beauty. She lives with her mum, Mrs Blanco and she has a best friend named Bianca.

She is currently unemployed and is looking for another one when she got an from Damien to be his kids nanny and she accepted the offer.

What will happen when she gets to the house? Will they like her? Will she get fired or resign like the others?

Nanny For His Kids Novel by Faith Okache
Nanny For His Kids Novel by Faith Okache

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