Naruto: Corrupting my Naruto Novel

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Naruto: Corrupting my Naruto Novel Summary

Reincarnating in Naruto was less than an ideal condition. Being an orphan was a major setback. And not being able to use chakra, that was fatal.

I was not someone who could work restlessly like Guy and Lee, nor was I interested in putting my life at risk for making money. I could as well become a shopkeeper and become rich with all the knowledge of the modern world I had, but I was sure to die if a rock fell on me.

So I looked at the lonely blonde boy with whiskers, and then at myself being mocked by other little shits for not having chakra.

So I decided. Naruto needs a friend, and I need a savior. I will make my Naruto the strongest, and I will support him throughout his life in return of protecting me.

I will corrupt my boyfriend to be not being able to live without me.

Naruto: Corrupting my Naruto Novel
Naruto: Corrupting my Naruto Novel

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