Naruto: Different Perks Novel

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Naruto: Different Perks Novel Summary

Awakening his memories on the night of the Nine-Tails Incident, Kazutora lost his parents in the incident.
Later, with his parents being friends of Shinku Yuhi, Kurenai, who had also lost her parents, decided to take care of Kazutora.

The duo started to live together, and Kazutora, who could see a gift box in his vision, opened it in his room.

Kazutora, who decided to live an ordinary life if he didn’t have talent, found everything changing when he opened the gift box.

Since then, Kazutora’s life changed, and he decided to live as he wanted to in the cruel ninja.
Kazutora, who knew that strength was needed to live in the world, decided to grind in the present so that he would have a comfortable future.

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On the journey, Kazutora meets various people, such as Itachi who thinks of the meaning of life, Izumi who could only live in illusion, Anko who suffers in the village because of Orochimaru, and others.
With Kazutora as the changing point in the world, a new history of the Ninja world folded and changed the lives and the fate of many people.

Read the story to find out how Kazutora changed the lives of many people in the world, and he provided a home to many lonely women in world.

Naruto: Different Perks Novel
Naruto: Different Perks Novel

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