Naruto: The Starborn Novel

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Naruto: The Starborn Novel Summary

If you were to die and be reincarnated, what would you do? Would you live by the same habits, or would you change and strive to succeed in this new world? Seems like a simple question, no? You would probably say yes.

But what happens if the memories of your last life constrain your progress? That’s what happens when a high school student is tossed into the world of Naruto, as the grandson of the Hokage and Hoshikage.

Watch as he delves into the secrets of the ninja world, getting stronger as part of the weakest reincarnation duo. He and his psychic bond have been given the privilege of awakening their memories earlier than the other reincarnators due to their status as the weakest reincarnation duo.

Naruto: The Starborn Novel
Naruto: The Starborn Novel

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