Naruto: Time Traveler Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled Naruto: Time Traveler Novel.

Naruto: Time Traveler Novel Summary

MC reincarnates in the world of Naruto with ability to control time, that will help him survive but not make him strong directly.

To climb to the top MC have to rely on his own capabilities and build up his own strength himself, as he don’t have any bloodline or exceptional talent to rely on.

Story starts slow and MC will not become OP any time soon but he will work all the way up to the top eventually. If you prefer novels where MC is strong from the start – you won’t find it here.

MC is smart, careful by nature and planning his future moves with priority on his own safety. MC believes that in the dangerous world of Naruto where any slight mistake can become the end of him there is no place for acting rashly and become arrogant, even if he has such broken ability.

Naruto: Time Traveler Novel
Naruto: Time Traveler Novel

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