New Infinite Soul Novel

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New Infinite Soul Novel Summary

Warning: This novel contains graphic scenes and content that some may consider traumatizing. Please be advised and read at your own discretion.

A retired spy has his whole life flipped upside down when a stranger disintegrates him with a magic gun! Before he can blink, he is reborn in a world full of magic, heroes, mighty pharaohs, ancient gods, and enormous titans.

He was born into poverty in a rich society in his first life!

In this life, he was born into luxury in a cruel and vicious land!

A world of cultivation!

A world of martial arts!

A land plagued by dark plots and evil arts.

“Strength! Without strength, I watched my lover suffer. Without strength, I stood helpless as she died!! Without strength, there is no respect, no love, there can be no peace! I must be stronger. I will carve out my own legend of strength to bring this world peace!”

New Infinite Soul Novel
New Infinite Soul Novel

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