Once Abused, Now Loved Novel by Moonbunnie

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Once Abused, Now Loved Novel Summary.

Hara only desired to raise her expectant child away from her abusive and unfaithful partner, Roland. She chose the Red Cross pack, the strongest pack in the werewolf kingdom, as her safe haven.

She gets a job as a waitress at a bar, which is as typical as any other job until she meets Ryder, the Alpha of the Red Cross pack and the owner of the bar. As soon as he sees the expectant Hara,

who is also his destiny mate, he falls in love with her. Hara was caught in a tricky dilemma. No matter how she viewed it, the convoluted situation she found herself in could not end well.

Not while her heart yearns for the enticing stranger who claimed to be her destined partner. Not when Roland returned and requested a second chance.

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Especially when she realizes there are so many secrets to be revealed. Would she be capable of making the right choices? Would she return to the man she once loved or stay with the man who loved her? Join Hara on her perilous quest to find happiness.

Having him so close was enough to shatter my resolve and rekindle my desire for him. His possessive grasp around my waist caused me to collide with him.

When I glanced up, our foreheads touched. He closed his eyes while emitting a howl that would make any werewolf weak in the knees. “Ryder..” “You’re mine, Hara.

I knew it from the instant I laid eyes on you. And every time I fucked you senseless, that was me declaring, you’re mine and mine alone.”

Once Abused, Now Loved Novel by Moonbunnie
Once Abused, Now Loved Novel by Moonbunnie

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