One Last Night With My Son’s Daddy Novel

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One Last Night With My Son’s Daddy Novel Summary.

‘Hey…Naomi slow down.’ I remember speaking to her. ‘We haven’t met in five years don’t you think you are taking things too fast.’ I tried to stop her by holding her hands in mine.

She removed my hands from hers and pushed me to lie flat on the bed. It took her a split second to get me naked and ready for her. She pushed my cock all the way in, with just a single push, and cried out loudly in pain.

I thought I was breaking her apart. In seconds, Naomi rode me like crazy. Sliding up and down on my manhood. Taking in deep and deeper strokes that I could never think of her accommodating as her juices dripped all over his manhood.

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She sobbed, closing her eyes, moans escaping her mouth. After a minute of taking me into the dream world, she looked me deep in the eyes. With those seductive eyes and said something to me she had never said out loud.

‘I love you, Salah.’ My heart stopped at that moment. It was surreal. ‘I have loved you since the first day I met you and I have never stopped loving you. I think I will love you to my last breath and after that.’ Tears streamed in her eyes as they did in mine.

The confession took me by surprise and the memory of that moment I want it to play over and over in my head. I could never think or hope for such a confession like that from her. Her command in her gentle voice brought me back.‘Now Please fuck me, harder.’Adding to her confession and those words took me to another level of ecstasy.

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In a split second, my hands were on her hips. I arched her body and plunge into her steadily and harder. *** After working several end jobs. A taxi driver, Naomi was desperate and finally found a job that could pay for her mother’s hospital bills.

As an escort for a high-profile successful billionaire, Salah. And not to her expectations, she not only ends up falling in love with him. But gets pregnant with his child. When the circumstances in Naomi’s life force her to choose to be paid, rather than stay beside Salah’s side unconditionally.

By that, Naomi unintentionally hurts Salah. And Salah hurts Naomi too. Five years later, Naomi finds out she doesn’t have a lot of time to live and wants to full fills her last wish to meet Salah once again for the last time.

Naomi wants to meet the man she has never stopped loving. To show him her last sincere act of love and hate. This one last night with her son’s daddy brings along what neither Salah nor Naomi ever thought would happen.

One Last Night With My Son's Daddy Novel by Beautiful Butterfly
One Last Night With My Son’s Daddy Novel by Beautiful Butterfly

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