One Piece: A Different Luffy Novel

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One Piece: A Different Luffy Novel Summary

When Luffy boards Thriller Bark and gains the growth-accelerating Cheat, things start to change for the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the upcoming major events, the Straw Hats won’t be as weak as before. On Thriller Bark, Luffy uses Conqueror’s Haki to stun his enemies, even sending a giant bear off guard with an air shot.

After arriving at Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy unveils his Fifth Gear form, known as Gear Fourth: Boundman, combining it with his Nika form and mastering Conqueror’s Haki. With enhanced physical strength, he effortlessly defeats a Pacifista with one strike and sends Admiral Kizaru flying with a single punch, leaving even Rayleigh astonished.

During the Summit War, the Straw Hat Pirates, now reinforced, make a grand entrance. Each member displays an impressive combat prowess, adding to their formidable presence. As they face off against the Marines and Shichibukai, all eyes are on Ace, who stands at the execution platform.

In a moment of intensity, Luffy activates his Conqueror’s Haki, silencing the chaos of the battlefield with a whispered declaration: “I’m here to end this war.”

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MTL name is Opened Fifth Gear On The Sabaody Ground, Kizaru Is Numb

One Piece: A Different Luffy Novel
One Piece: A Different Luffy Novel

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