One Piece: The Sinner Novel

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One Piece: The Sinner Novel Summary

My name is Sebastian Rogers. Well, that’s my name before my journey starts if anyone asks what I am doing right now. I would say I am fighting with my wives against the entity called ‘Nothingness’; this thing has neither gender nor body.

We are having a hard time fighting because this thing is immune to any kind of attack except for an attack imbued with ‘Origin’.

Right, the ‘Origin’ is the source of stability for the entire omniverse, and only a few can use the ‘Origin’, and I am one of them. Also, some of my wives can use it.

And back to the fight, me and my wives are fighting this entity because this entity attacked us, and it didn’t even give any reason why it attacked us.

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“Yuechan, Diana, step back and tell the others to go to my inner world.” After his wife’s retreat, Sebastian uses his most powerful attack to end this fight.

He tightly grips his sword and sends a powerful attack that can injure or kill the entity.

“Fufufu looks like you’ve become stronger and could threaten me. It’s been a long time, Sebastian, or should I call you Lucifer?” Then the ‘Nothingness’ revealed her true form, shocking Lucifer.

“So your real identity is this, huh? So that’s why I didn’t find you,” Lucifer

“My, so you are looking for me.” The ‘Nothingness’ looked at Lucifer with interest.

“Yes… It’s been a long time” Lucifer.

One Piece: The Sinner Novel
One Piece: The Sinner Novel

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