One Touch of Serenity Novel by Unika

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, One Touch of Serenity by Unika.


One Touch of Serenity Novel Summary.

“I can’t do this anymore, Hannah. I can’t wake up another day without you by my side. You own me, Hannah. You grasp my every thought.

Please, come back to me” ***** Forty-Year-old Hannah Morales married at the age of twenty-two to please her parents.

But after a life of trauma that has left her with scars she is still healing from, she lost all hope of ever finding love. But all that changed when she met the young androgynous Serenity Gils.

Twenty-four-year-old Serenity Gils never thought she’d find the one for her, the reason why she easily got bored with her one-night stands.

But after meeting Hannah Morales at a new years eve party and bumping into her again at a BDSM club, Serenity realized she was finding love in the wrong age group.

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Hannah and Serenity begin a whirlwind romance. It was filled with everything Serenity thought she’d never find and everything Hannah longed for.

But when Hannah is put in a life-threatening situation, she has to make a decision and no matter what she chose, hearts will be broken.

One Touch of Serenity Novel by Unika
One Touch of Serenity Novel by Unika

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