Only a Half Blood Novel by V.S.Clark

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Only a Half Blood Novel Summary.

Losing her husband to a tragic accident sends Alys’s overwhelming emotions through the bond which she doesn’t know she has.

Aiden, the alpha of his pack, has been searching for his mate ever since he first got his wolf. One day he feels the hurt and pain through the bond and knows it’s from the mate he’s never met.

He starts searching for her only to find out she doesn’t even know wolves exist. He sets out to meet her planning on winning her over the old fashioned way if he has to, however he’s not the only one with his sights on the newly widowed Alys.

A rogue has been watching her since they were teens and decidedly wants her for himself. Will they be able to overcome all of the obstacles they meet on the way?

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Will Alys accept who she really is and become the true mate to the new man in her life?.

Only a Half Blood Novel by V.S.Clark
Only a Half Blood Novel by V.S.Clark

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