ONS: Pregnant with CEO’s Baby

ONS: Pregnant with CEO’s Baby is a romantic novel written by Unopen Mind. 

Summary of ONS Pregnant with the CEO’s Baby 

The plot revolves around Jeanne, an 18-year-old girl who is falsely accused by her stepmother and stepsister, causing her to lose everything she owns. Her father kicks her out of the house for resisting, leaving her with nothing. Seven years later, Jeanne returns for vengeance, accompanied by her mysterious son, George. People make fun of her for being a single mother and refer to her son as a fatherless child.

Jeanne is out for vengeance and plans to meet the infamous Fourth Master Swan at a charity ball. 

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ONS: Pregnant with CEO's Baby
ONS: Pregnant with CEO’s Baby

The Fourth Master Swan is a handsome man with a cold demeanor who summons Jeanne to a corner and declares, “I like you.” 

The novel contains 28 volumes and 1,331 chapters of drama, romance, and suspense. ONS: Pregnant with the CEO’s Child is an engrossing story that will keep readers reading until the end.

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