Overlord of Outlaws Novel

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Overlord of Outlaws Novel Summary

Countless worlds span the universe! Hundreds of planets are civilized. Thousands are uncharted or unexplored. And all of them offer death to unwelcome visitors.

But where to go? What to do?

Need the best weapons and armaments modern technology can offer? Visit Alforro, where elves run the largest manufacturing companies this side of the known universe!

Want a custom ship with mods unavailable anywhere else in the universe? Hurry over to Verrgal, home of the legendary dwarven engineers!

Searching for the best organic, farm-grown steel? Then the hills of Buurzeim are a must-see, but make sure to offer a hefty tip to your giant tour guide!

With so many worlds to manage, only the most vast and powerful planetary councils can do the job. But with all the varied opinions and agendas spanning the universe, it’s only natural that no single government has managed to control it all.

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And always keep an eye open for outlaws. Whether you’re in the outer corners of the known universe or in the center of an intergalactic capital. Outlaws are everywhere… especially with the Mob Lords controlling the universal underworld.

Luckily, the last Outlaw Overlord, the most wanted man in the universe, was done in almost two decades ago!

In such a vast, chaotic universe, who would dream of adventuring as an outlaw? Why not become a bounty hunter in search of prestige and wealth? And there’s always an opening among one of the many intergalactic patrols, offering promotions to the most dependable, powerful people!

Then again, with no other option available, that’s everything Ayse can possibly dream of. To be an outlaw on the run! To see every sight imaginable! To explore an entire universe of fantastic worlds! Even if he has to avoid possible capture and death at every turn.

But can Ayse survive that long? How long will it take for Ayse’s unavoidable past to catch up with him?

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Can Ayse successfully form his own outlaw posse with his recruited, self-founded family? Or will Ayse drag his newfound friends into the deadliest conflict the universe will ever face, risking the total extinction of sentient life?

Only the largest and most powerful planetary councils can handle the job given the sheer number of worlds involved. But it makes sense that no one government has been able to exert total control over the universe given the diversity of viewpoints and objectives.

And keep an eye out for criminals at all times. Whether you’re in the heart of an intergalactic city or one of the farthest reaches of the known cosmos. Because the Mob Lords rule the global underworld, there are outlaws everywhere.

Thankfully, some two decades ago saw the death of the final Outlaw Overlord, the most wanted man in the universe.

Who would want to go rogue in a cosmos this huge and chaotic? Why not turn into a bounty hunter in search of fame and fortune? And one of the several intergalactic patrols always has a position open, providing promotions to the most trustworthy, strong individuals!

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That’s everything Ayse could ever want, yet there was no other choice. to be a wanted outlaw! to experience all potential sights! to go across a vast variety of fantastical worlds! Even if he must constantly guard against being killed or captured.

Can Ayse endure that long, though? How long will Ayse have to wait before his inevitable history catches up with him?

Overlord of Outlaws Novel
Overlord of Outlaws Novel

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