Patchwork Pixie Novel by Viola Grace

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Patchwork Pixie Novel Summary.

Getting over terror and learning to live again is rough, but Ruby never hides from a challenge.

She leaves her fiancé, meets her mates, fights for her own survival, and joins an ice dance performance. The holidays are very busy when you go from beta to elf in moments.

Compulsion forced Ruby to find a good man, get engaged, and settle down. It was what everyone said she should do.

When she found her fiancé cheating with her best friend, she took the out and got as far away from him as she could.

Her family isn’t exactly happy to see her, but they take care of her while she gets over her shock, and after they see the video footage from her security cameras, they call her a lawyer.

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Marshall is the lawyer in question. After he takes notes, interviews her, and gets a copy of the video,

she’s dismissed to head off to her job at the family business, and after a few moments of talking to police, she is free to go.

Work is mind-numbing, but when she heads out for lunch, she is met by a friend of her lawyer. Rayden is an alpha; he plays hockey and is currently involved in a seasonal production of Patchwork Pixie.

When he finds out that she wrote the choreography, he insists that she come to see practice the next day. She goes to the practice and seals her fate.

With her mates around her, she can finally be herself, and with Rayden’s help, she breaks the mental compulsion that kept her locked in the horrible relationship.

She is finally able to be the Elite omega she was meant to be, and her alphas are there for every inch of her, so she returns the favour.

Patchwork Pixie Novel by Viola Grace
Patchwork Pixie Novel by Viola Grace

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