Path to Omniscience: Tensura Novel

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Path to Omniscience: Tensura Novel Summary

—Most fics are about the main character getting reincarnated into another world with some perks to help them breeze the world, it could be overpowered powers, or their knowledge of said world.

However, in this case, he has no powers, actually, he does, but his combat capabilities are at the lowest because his powers aren’t combat oriented, his intelligence, at best is above average, nothing too superhuman. He’s just a human afterall.

And what’s the best option for a weak human like him in a dog-eat-dog world? To fucking make others do the work for him!

Becoming strong? People’s praises will make me a hero!

Become immortal? Let’s ask Miss Luminous Valentine to make turn me into a vampire instead.

Ruling the world? Huh? That’s too much of a hassle, I’m not interested.

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Fighting for supremacy? Bah! Depends on the situation though.

Becoming omniscient? I guess that’s a possible path.

Hardcore Tensura fans, chills, this is not the typical Tensura fic, so you all should chill in the comments, this is a joke-fic or wish-fulfillment fic I suddenly wanted to write since most mc’s go down the dominator/op/following Rimuru’s route.

Path to Omniscience: Tensura Novel
Path to Omniscience: Tensura Novel

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