Player Who Gets Played Novel by Cassandra Davy

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Player Who Gets Played Novel Summary.

“Arms up baby, let me play with you. Have you ever been played, Allen?” Her voice was raspy, her breath fanned my ear.

Her tits were flat to my chest making me groan. I had never wanted to be fuck so bad in my thirty-five years of living. She took my wrists and wrapped my silk tie on it, she was straddling me.

Her pink perky nipples teased my face, making me let out another moan. “Lou baby, just do me alre…” she shut me up by kissing me hard.

Nothing prepared him for the one forsaken night he decides to go out clubbing with his buddies. It was the night that he met her, he didn’t realize that he had fallen for her right then and there.

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Allen is a young, successful, filthy rich world champion surfer with a face to match. Louise is a smart young business owner, with a group of sassy sidekicks.

Can opposites attract? Can their best friends strengthen their feelings?.

Player Who Gets Played Novel by Cassandra Davy
Player Who Gets Played Novel by Cassandra Davy

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