Pokémon Breeder In One Piece Novel

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Pokémon Breeder In One Piece Novel Summary

Suddenly, a peculiar little shop called “Mystery Hatchery House” appeared on the seas. Inside were all sorts of eggs, along with magical creatures that seemed as if they had eaten Devil Fruits. They were called… Pokémon?

As time passed, this shop gradually became famous worldwide. The world’s strongest man, Whitebeard, was constantly sending children to “Pokémon Academy” for schooling. Garp, not only beat up his grandson all the time but also became one of the Elite Four. The Pirate Empress became one of the eight Gym Leaders of the “Pokémon League”. The aloof Mihawk was driven to the brink of collapse by his own Pokémon every day.

The Navy established a special operations unit called the “Trainer Corps” to eradicate pirates across the seas. The Beasts Pirates, green with envy, transformed into a Rocket Team, snatching Pokémon wherever they went.

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The ripples caused by these magical little fellows in the great seas didn’t matter to Dak at all, because he was just an ordinary breeder.

“Alright, it’s about time to start the first Pokémon Tournament. Everyone, please head to the eight Pokémon Gyms around the world to collect badges first.”

“Everyone, the times have changed. The Pirate King is a thing of the past. Please strive towards the goal of becoming a ‘Pokémon Master’.”

Pokémon Breeder In One Piece Novel
Pokémon Breeder In One Piece Novel

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