Pregnant With His Child Novel by Danzzzzz

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Pregnant With His Child Novel Summary.

“You already know, Rina,” Erwin’s voice cut through the air like a sharp blade, laced with a cruel indifference that sent shivers down my spine,

“I won’t love you, no matter what you do. No matter how many times you beg, nothing will happen! You knew from the beginning that Helena was the girl I loved!!

” His words, laced with disdain, were like a devastating blow to my heart. Each syllable was a reminder of the love I had lost, a love that had once burned brightly but was now extinguished, replaced by an icy void.

Erwin continued, his tone unrelenting, “The only reason I married you is because that was my grandmother’s request” “I’ll take care of giving you money, no matter how much,

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but please don’t bother me and Helena anymore,” he added. Tears streamed down my cheeks, a torrent of pain and despair that I could no longer contain.

The dream I had nurtured, the hope that our love could be rekindled, crumbled before my eyes. The reality was far more brutal than any nightmare I had ever imagined.

I had once planned to surprise him, to share the joyous news that I was pregnant with our child. But now, it seemed that he didn’t care for me, and my hopes for our unborn baby were shattered.

What place did our child have in a world where its father had rejected it before it even had a chance to exist? As Erwin’s words hung in the air, a chilling silence descended upon the room, broken only by the steady rhythm of my heartache.

I was left with the agonizing realization that the love I had cherished was nothing but a cruel illusion, a marriage that had led me astray in the vast desert of my broken dreams.

Pregnant With His Child Novel by Danzzzzz
Pregnant With His Child Novel by Danzzzzz

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