Primitive Man Novel

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Primitive Man Novel Summary

A merciless and unforgiving world where a common cold could kill you, a world where survival of the fittest applied—

A world where humans aren’t at the top of the food chain.

A world where the roar of predators echoes through the wilderness, and the threat of being hunted lingers around every corner. A world where the natural elements are both beautiful and deadly, with raging storms and scorching heat waves that can wipe out entire communities.

Every day is a battle for survival, with individuals and groups fighting tooth and nail to secure food, shelter, and water. The weak and vulnerable are often left behind, their fate sealed by the brutal law of the jungle.

And in this same age, same jungle there was a young boy, whose fate changed when he heard an unknown voice in his head.

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Garnt woke up feeling a little better after he was on the verge of death because of a single wound he suffered from hunting, and the first thing he noticed was that everything around him looked foreign to him, even though the cave he was lying in was supposed to be his home.

While he was unconscious from the injuries, Garnt saw several things he couldn’t even understand.

He saw people using brick-like equipment to communicate with each other and flying monsters that happily served humans by taking them inside their bodies. A bizarre world where everyone covered their bodies. He saw giant structures that stood even taller than the largest caves he had seen and suddenly a voice questioned his mind about what he witnessed.

Primitive Man Novel
Primitive Man Novel

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