Queen Of Hearts Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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Queen Of Hearts Novel Summary.

She must find love in twenty two days else the Kingdom falls. A beautiful Princess named Serila,

set to be crowned as Queen is left in shock when she is warned to find love in twenty two days else the kingdom will be left vulnerable to the enemies.

Serila hated to be in a relationship after Zado, Prince of Aviru dumped her whereas she was supposed to get married to him.

Carried the hurt for four years she has just twenty two days to fall in love again or she will loose her kingdom to the wicked King of Aviru,

the father of the one that broke her heart. She doubts the High Priest’s prophecy but the gods proves him right in her dream.

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Can she find love in twenty two days having locked up her heart for four years and if she does find love will the person love her in return and accept her proposal to marry him?

Princess Serila is left with the shock of her life when her heart falls for a common servant, Akaro but her heart is shattered to

find out that Akaro is not ready to return the love for he is in love with Princess Serila’s personal maid, Akara.

The Maid Akara has to sacrifice her own love and convince Akaro to marry the Princess in order to win herself an honorable position in the palace.

Drawn to jealousy after the marriage the maid Akara, having become an official in the palace plots to have the Queen, Serila killed.

Queen Of Hearts Novel by Obiechinna Martins
Queen Of Hearts Novel by Obiechinna Martins

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