Rebirth in Other Dimensions Novel

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Rebirth in Other Dimensions Novel Summary

Like every story, the rooftop of a school is a place of confession. It is the unspoken and unbroken rule. And anyone who thinks otherwise is thrown over its fence.

On a hot, windy day, Jin was minding his own business on the school’s rooftop when a rabbit imprinted on pink underwear suddenly blocked his view.

However, passed that unappealing undergarment is a strange woman of great beauty with a very cold set of silver eyes. And instead of a romantic confession, he received a piece of crazy information.

“The sun will soon be swallowed up by the darkness, and the world as we know it will be plunged into an eternal night. More than half of the world will be wiped out by the undead, and harsher and crueler rule will rise from their ashes.

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The Gods are dead. The lands are shattered, and the world will begin to forget what it once was. Time and distance will lose their meaning and the knowledge of how things will crumble into ashes.

Those who struggle to survive in a shattered world must overcome decay and rot that eats at memories and thrusts people into nightmarish abominations and will bring each other face to face with cosmic horrors and – worst of all – their own personal demons.

“Jin, will you face this apocalypse together with me and live . . . or choose otherwise and die.”

Rebirth in Other Dimensions Novel
Rebirth in Other Dimensions Novel

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