Rebirth; Insatiable CEO hubby! Novel by Rophine writes

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Rebirth; Insatiable CEO hubby! Novel Summary.

Jasmine was killed by the man she worshiped her whole life. Yes! Worshiped After years of suffering, he pushed her off the cliff where she met dead.

Luckily her soul met a kind lady who gave her another chance. In this, she plans to take everything from Carl Lawson, who took everything from her.

And dote on the man who did not leave her side even once. Keith Yates the intimidating tycoon who has the entire city wrapped around his finger.

Yet his weakness is little Jasmine, who seems unreachable but what happens when she stops running away from him. ” Honey, you look tired, should I give you a massage? ”


She smiled beautifully at him. Her fair thighs probed forward in the red lacy transparent nightgown. His eyes narrowed as he brood down on her.

Was this girl looking for trouble? He knew with a mere touch from her, he would pin her down. Without any answer, he pulled her down and ‘ate her’. ” Hope you got your answer now “.

Rebirth; Insatiable CEO hubby! Novel by Rophine writes
Rebirth; Insatiable CEO hubby! Novel by Rophine writes

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