Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal Novel by Kenjo Kagami

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal by Kenjo Kagami.

Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal Novel Summary.

Raze Zyler is a famous assassin in the human world, who incidentally reincarnated to the world of immortals as a son of the royal family that ruled the world where he was reborn.

He thought he’ll gonna experience a tough life, but they’re lovely. They accepted him and help him to become powerful as they are.

Until it changed one day, his parents force him to come to another world. He meet a lot of people and became friends with noble ones. Got betrayed.

Lose important persons. When he wanted to leave, he can’t come back to her world. Despite having a hard time, Raze continued living in Deivuera World.

Every century, he changes his name to cover his identity. Later, he encountered the king of the Norem Kingdom, who become a bridge to achieve his goal to become an official adventurer.

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Under his consciousness, Raze becomes the greatest tamer. He tamed the devil, whom he named ‘Seji,’ slimes, moonlight wolves, elves, and even the rarest skyzar dragon.

And the new guardian of the Forbidden Land, but change into ‘Zyber Land.’ Even though Raze hides his true abilities, and live as a normal adventurer,

problems arise. Foes looking for the tamer and kingdoms seeking the Zyber Land. Can Raze protect the land till the end?

Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal Novel by Kenjo Kagami
Rebirth: The Wandering Immortal Novel by Kenjo Kagami

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