Reckless Hearts Novel by Priyal Dessai

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Reckless Hearts Novel Summary.

Caden Miller is Willowbrook High School’s notorious rebel, known for his devil-may-care attitude, grey hoodies, and a reputation that precedes him.

Ruby Norman, on the other hand, is Willowbrook’s epitome of sweetness and innocence. She excels academically, volunteers at the local shelter, and dreams of a life beyond the confines of her small town.

When their paths cross, sparks fly, igniting a rollercoaster of emotions that neither Caden nor Ruby saw coming.

Underneath their heated exchanges and antagonistic banter, a deep-rooted attraction simmers. The more they try to deny it, the stronger their feelings become.

Drawn to each other like magnets, they embark on a forbidden romance that challenges societal norms and tests their own personal boundaries.

Reckless Hearts Novel by Priyal Dessai
Reckless Hearts Novel by Priyal Dessai

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