Reincarnated As An Omega Novel by King Victory

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Reincarnated As An Omega Novel Summary.

“Mate” I felt my breath clog up in my throat as my wolf murmured the last thing I ever wanted to hear in my second life I watched as his forest green eyes widen in surprise and his sensuous mouth form the word “mate” I braced myself for another rejection as he stood from his throne and began to take long strides towards me.

I was going to die at the hands of my mate, yet again. Mary-lee died at the hands of her mate and his mistress, but she was given a second chance.

A chance to take revenge. She reincarnated in the body of an Omega maid whose pack was overtaken by the ruthless, rumored rogue Alpha King Lothar.

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She finds out that she was also given a second chance mate who turned out to be the rogue Alpha King, Lothar.

She was prepared for another rejection, but this time, she was not going to let it kill her.

Reincarnated As An Omega Novel by King Victory
Reincarnated As An Omega Novel by King Victory

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