Revenge of Cleotina Novel by hchladybug1218

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, Revenge of Cleotina by hchladybug1218.

Revenge of Cleotina Novel Summary.

Cleotina is a beautiful noblewoman from lower Egypt. When news travels that her best friend Nebetta was executed by the Pharaoh, she will stop at nothing to join his harem and end his life.

During her time in Egypt, Cleotina, is reunited with her childhood crush, Abasi. As a descendant of Cleotina, Kira, a young college student, has made it her duty to learn the truth about what happened the night her ancestor ended King Tut’s life.

The more Kira learns the truth, the darker the past speaks to her. Did Cleotina end King Tut or was he murdered for another reason?

Revenge of Cleotina Novel by hchladybug1218
Revenge of Cleotina Novel by hchladybug1218

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