Rin Replaced Novel

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Rin Replaced Novel Summary

Rin Grace is an ordinary man living an everyday life. While arguing with another person, Rin fell into oncoming traffic. A car hit him, knocking him unconscious. At the same time, in another world, Misha Minari, an assassin, was shot by the Man he was to kill. Misha woke in a hospital bed when a strange man greeted him.

“You seem to be fine. Next time, don’t run out in front of my car. I will be handling the bill. Take care, Mr. Grace.” The Man says before exiting the room. That Man just happened to be the Crown Prince, Jay Fenrick.

Misha was expectedly confused. He wasn’t sure of anything. Misha tried to make sense of it all but couldn’t. While inspecting his surroundings, he noticed something odd. His hands were not his own. Misha rushes to a mirror, where he finds the shocking truth: he is no longer in his own body. Staring back at him is the reflection of a man he has never seen before.

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What will Misha do? What happened to the original Rin Grace, and how did Misha end up being the bodyguard of the Crown Prince?

Rin Replaced Novel
Rin Replaced Novel

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