Rise of a Dungeon Lord by Ghost Worker

Giant gates started popping up all over the place in the year 3000, and along with them, hordes of creatures were about to wipe out humanity.

The first hunters and awoken materialized just as all hope had vanished. They engaged the monsters in combat by launching a counterattack using their superhuman fortitude and skills.

And as powers began to emerge, powerful people became more noticeable.

For the first time, mankind started to show hints of recovering their former greatness with strong skills like spatial control and flame manipulation.

After many years, those who had awakened had developed into revered figures.

Rise of a Dungeon Lord by Ghost Worker
Rise of a Dungeon Lord by Ghost Worker

SSS class awakeners occupy positions that are comparable to being Gods, high above humanity, whereas F class awakeners are rendered useless.

As one’s upper limit and future were concerned, one’s power and ability had taken on that role.

Sadly, Ye Tian finds himself suddenly transported to this weird planet where power is everything and wakes up in a strange classroom.

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When he was about to give up trying to wake up, it suddenly emerged.

the integration mechanism of God!

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Unfortunately, an accident occurs just as he was about to capitalize on this.

During his class’s dungeon attack, he was betrayed by his peers and left for dead.

Watch Ye Tian use his method to become a dungeon master and establish himself in this world where power rules.

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