Rise of the God Emperor Novel

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Rise of the God Emperor Novel Summary

Hao Chen, a very handsome young man, doesn’t have anything except his little sister.

As he was walking home from where he worked, he suddenly had an accident.

A car hit him while he was crossing a zebra crossing.

But Hao Chen knows one thing, if it was a deliberate act, knows who is the mastermind behind all this.

Unfortunately he couldn’t do anything at that time, due to his serious injuries.

His head was bleeding, and even his bones were broken.

Because the blood continued to flow out, staining the surrounding streets.

Hao Chen, he died.

But he didn’t realize that there was a light that witnessed everything, about his entire life and his memories.

“What a poor mortal, let me, the God Emperor, Hao Tian, ​​help you avenge yourself!”

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A voice sounded from the surroundings, its tone was arrogant and filled with elegance.

Suddenly the light began to enter the depths of Hao Chen’s body, who was now dead.

Rise of the God Emperor Novel
Rise of the God Emperor Novel

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